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Cannabis Distillate

Cannabis Distillate

After its legalization in various parts of the world, the cannabis industry has had an incredible boom. Thousands of studies and developments are being carried out today, to provide the benefits of the product, both for recreational and therapeutic use. For achieving an outcome of high purity, the concentrates were the kings.

However, today, there is a new extraction technique that comes with the promise of revolutionizing things: cannabis distillate. These products are expected to be the next step in the science of marijuana, achieving THC levels above 99%. It is essential to know more about the method and how you can enjoy it.

What Are Marijuana Distillates?

These extracts are obtained through the traditional distillation method. In the process, it is possible to separate the terpenes and flavonoids of the final product, collecting a liquid of high purity. Through the combination of specific boiling points and controlled condensation, it is possible to separate the three types of compounds without damaging them.

Marijuana flowers usually contain an average of between 5 and 25% THC. Until now, the concentration method had achieved extraordinary THC concentrations rounding 80%. That's why they've become so popular. Now through distillation, it is possible to obtain products with THC levels close to 100%.

Why Are Cannabis Distillates So Novel?

First of all, the high degree of purity allows you to achieve significant effects with a minimal amount of the product. Besides, the distillation does not use any solvent such as alcohol or butane (which are used to obtain the concentrate) so you get a liquid free of unwanted chemicals.

With the selection of the correct flavonoids, it is possible to obtain distillates that are entirely odorless. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the product discreetly, without attracting attention.

How to Enjoy Marijuana Distillates?

  • Sublingual: placed under the tongue, the distillate is absorbed directly into the blood. The effect is achieved in a few minutes.
  • Edibles: You can add a small amount of distillate to complement a dish, or use it as part of a recipe. If you choose a distillate that does not contain terpenes and flavonoids, they will not dominate the taste of the food.
  • Complementing the standard method: you make a joint and then dip the tip in the distillate. That is, similar to twaxing with cannabis concentrates.
  • Vaporization Liquids: you can add a few drops to the vape liquid you usually use. This will increase its potency.
  • Topical creams: when mixed with specially developed creams, the distillates can act on aching muscles and joints, relieving pain in a localized way.
  • Capsules: the capsules are discreet and incredibly potent. Their use requires proper prior consideration. The tablets can be rich in THC, CBD, or a mixture of both.

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Cannabis Distillate
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