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Drug Rehab Center Indiana

Bridges of Hope ranks as a Joint Commission accredited dual-diagnosis drug rehab center in Indiana, and we specialize in helping patients attain long-term recovery. We also hold a license from the state of Indiana department of mental health and addiction to treat substance abuse and co-occurring psychological disorders.

How do I withstand the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms?

Although withdrawal symptoms can be painful and uncomfortable, it does not last for long, and the benefits of quitting drugs are longterm once you are past the unpleasant withdrawal phase. At our drug rehab center in Indiana, we offer a highly effective medical detox program that helps recovering addicts withstand the withdrawal symptoms. We also offer 24/7 medical care and round the clock supervision to all our recovering addicts in a safe and stress-free environment.

Furthermore, at our drug rehab center in Indiana, we engage our recovering addicts in counseling, group therapy sessions, psychotherapy programs, and other recreational activities. These therapies and programs keep them occupied and enable them to overcome the unpleasant withdrawal phase in a calm, composed, and pain-free manner.

Role of equine therapy in treating addiction

Equine therapy is a treatment involving horses, and it offers mental relief, spiritual empowerment, and fosters positive emotional growth in patients suffering from addiction. At our facility, our residents are responsible for feeding, grooming, and taking care of the horses. Equine therapy inculcates responsibility in recovering addicts, builds relationship skills, and helps balance internal feelings.

Equine therapy plays a pivotal role in improving confidence and assertiveness in recovering addicts and makes them more resilient and focused. Individuals also learn critical non-verbal communication skills and feel more relaxed when working with a horse. Working with a horse creates a sense of being wanted and needed in recovering addicts, and they eventually learn to banish their negative emotions. Equine therapy not only helps address addiction, but also helps treat conditions like depression, PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, and other behavioral issues in recovering addicts. It fuels positive emotional growth and helps patients improve their communication skills.

Top reasons to consider addiction treatment from a rehab center

If you wish to break free form the chains of addiction, you need medical help to overcome substance/alcohol abuse. Here are the top reasons to consider treatment from a rehab center:

  • Medical detox is critical to attaining comprehensive recovery, and only a licensed physician can administer this procedure in a safe and secure rehab facility.
  • You need round the clock medical care during the withdrawal phase as withdrawal from certain drugs can have adverse health implications.
  • You need to undergo behavioral therapies and counseling to prepare your mind, body, and soul for a lifetime of commitment towards sobriety. Only a licensed rehab can treat your substance abuse disorder with evidence-based psychotherapies and custom-designed treatment plan.

Call Bridges of Hope today to get started on your recovery journey. We are the #1 drug rehab center in Indiana with therapeutic and proven evidence-based modalities that not only helps overcome addiction but equips you to lead a healthy, fulfilling, and drug-free life in the long term.

Drug Rehab Center Indiana
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Drug Rehab Center Indiana
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