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How Much Are Weed Seeds

How Much Are Weed Seeds

Are you either planning to start a business of selling weeds or just interested in growing one? Are you wondering how much are weed seeds? Order the most affordable weed seeds with high quality at HomegrownCannabis Co.

Different species of weeds

Weeds came from the Cannabis plant with three species: Cannabis sativa, indica, and ruderalis. Cannabis sativa is a herbaceous flowering plant growing in Eastern Asia. It has relatively high CBD: THC ratio, which is less likely to induce anxiety. It used mainly to make hempseed oil. It is also processed either as a tincture, tea, and ointment for treatment to chronic pain.

Cannabis indica has the highest amount of THC, giving it its euphoric effects. Compared to sativa plants that are long and sausage-shaped, these are wider and bulky. This species provides a calming and soothing feeling to the person when used.

Cannabis ruderalis, which is a subspecies of C. sativa has low THC levels. It rarely grows over two feet and has thin and fibrous stems. Most people usually use it to treat depression than for recreational purposes.

How much are weed seeds?

The cost of weed seeds differs due to various factors, such as the production process and quality. High-quality seeds are generally expensive due to higher costs for production, legal restrictions, and risks, and genetics. Seeds with higher potency take a longer process with higher production costs. Also, due to legal restrictions, growers produce seeds only at a small scale, which contributes to additional production cost. Seeds with higher quality undergo a more intensive process making it more expensive compared to those with lower quality.

We sell individual seeds that are in individual packages to allow customers to choose assorted types of seeds at a more affordable cost. We also have exclusive promos for those who spent £40 on seeds. They can get up to 4 times of the free feminized seeds.

How to buy weed seeds legally?

Each state has a different degree of legality, which makes buying weed seeds a challenge. People living in states and countries with legalized marijuana can grow, and sell the seeds without any hassle as long as they are transacting within their own state. You can sell seeds in states where marijuana use and consumption is illegal. While those people living in states and countries that legalized marijuana use only for medical purposes will need a medical card to purchase marijuana seeds.

Weed seeds are available at seedbanks in Netherlands, UK, Spain and other countries with less restricted laws on marijuana use. Seeds in these seed banks came from a variety of trusted breeders. But before buying weed seeds, it is essential to identify which species and strain you want to buy.

You can choose and mix these varieties of species and strains of weed seeds. But how much are weed seeds? At HomegrownCannabis Co, we offer it an affordable price depending on the type.

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