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Rehab San Diego

Rehab San Diego

Many people find a first-time rehab experience quite intimidating. Many addicts who want to quit their addiction often feel nervous or scared when they think about going to rehab because they are unsure what to expect. Understanding what happens in the best drug and alcohol rehabs in California can help dispel fear and anxiety. Expect a few things when you visit our rehab in San Diego.


Once you come to our top-rated rehab centers in SoCal, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will take you to the check-in room to learn more about you and your situation. The check-in aims to use your details to customize a treatment plan. The severity of the addiction, health condition, treatment history, and substance abused determine the treatment duration. However, the treatment period may range between 28 days and 90 days.


Once you finish the initial check-in process, you will be taken for detoxification. This procedure helps to remove addictive chemicals from your system. Although some people may find this process quite uncomfortable, detox is essential because it prepares you physically and psychologically for the treatment.

People have different experiences with detox. In addition, the amount of time required to complete the process varies depending on the substance abused and the period of consumption. However, detox typically takes 14 days to complete. It is not advisable to suddenly stop using a potentially addictive substance because it may cause adverse withdrawal symptoms. Medically supervised detox involves administering medication to minimize withdrawal symptoms.


The next step in the treatment process is therapy. The specialists in our top drug and alcohol rehabs in CA use various therapy forms during the treatment process to prevent withdrawal symptoms and relapses. The therapy aims to keep the patient clean during and after treatment.

There are three main types of therapies in rehab:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Group therapy

Our facility will assign a therapist to work with you privately in one-on-one treatment sessions. Individual therapy aims to help you understand your addiction and its effect on your life. Individual therapy offer opportunities for self-reflection.

Individual therapy is a powerful tool for addiction treatment. Another significance of individual therapy is it helps you to understand your triggers. Identifying your triggers helps you to learn to deal with them or eliminate them safely and comfortably.

The specialist assigned to you will help customize therapy to cater to your unique needs. Rehab facilities use various forms of therapy. However, our facility offers top addiction programs in San Diego.

The therapy sessions may be held in the specialist's office or any other private location. The exact duration and frequency of the therapy sessions vary. Apart from individual therapy, our facility will also provide family counseling and aftercare planning.

Royal Life Centers has some of the best addiction treatment services in Southern California. We provide services that help patients transform their lives and lead healthily. Please contact Royal Life Centers at Royal Life Detox 877-732-6837 to start your journey towards recovery.

Rehab San Diego
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Rehab San Diego
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