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Posted by Andria Harris on Aug 31, 2012

Caring for the youngest and oldest are very similar,
As babies are soft and delicate so are our seniors. They are dependent on our compassion love and care. They wait to be loved, cuddled and cared for.
It is necessary for every caregiver to develop the sensibility of noticing what is lacking in care and endeavor to point it out and have it corrected immediately. Bearing in mind that our impact on their quality of life will be short lived, therefore only our best effort matters.
I usually am very nosey. I see everything.
As long as there are seniors moving around me I feel it is my responsibility to watch out for all of them. I personally love to give a compliment, to a nicely dressed senior lady or gentleman, because it usually makes their day. Sometimes the pink cheeks light up even more or the beautiful smile shines even brighter.
I have a very tender spot in my heart for my confused seniors who are experiencing the ravages of beginning Alzheimer’s. If I hear a scream, or the echoing sounds of confusion down the hallway, I immediately figure out the solution. What works for me most of the time, is to touch the shoulder gently and say we love you, very gently and calm, and gently engage in to what seems to be causing the confusion. Talk softly and calmly……….most of the time it works!
After a successful calm, I get to experience the change the transformation as calmness takes over, then, the beautiful smile replaces the tears of fear and shock.
Now, moments like these usually make my day!

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