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An Ode to Alzheimer’s – via "Reading"

I have come to learn that Alzheimer's is an expression of what was once. A lack of interest in the present. Where the present is nothing, but a bother and an annoyance
But to drift off to yesteryears is a profound pleasure
And within these pleasures she finds perfect peace and harmony

Today we drift through the pages of her old child's novel "The Bobbsey Twins at Clover-Bank" I could tell that she once read this book. Her eyes light up, not because there are pictures in the book, these little novels does not come with illustration, but because she remembers reading the story years ago. I know that, because she laughs and stops me in mid-sentence, and tries to complete an aspect of the story. I am happy because she reminds me that she knows the story.
"I can tell you about that," she said as she laughs and stares into the grey-blue skies that was so obvious through the thin branches of the tall oak tree that is along the sides of the patio where we sit. She looks up and laughs, "I can tell you about that"........
I know that as she looks up through those branches, she was off, on the streets of yester-year, where she was once a school teacher, she once teaches small children, and she was an avid reader...I know there and then that she wants to tell me so much more about these twins, but she cannot formulate her thought process into words. However, regardless of this huge annoyance, she was able to take a trip down pleasurable memory-lane, through the pages of this book, as I read to her.

Andria P. Harris
Andria P. Harris, CEO
The Quilted Shield Dementia Living Communities

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