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From A Caregiver's Diary

Care, A Constant and Complete Fulfillment


Care is the constant and complete fulfillment of the needs of a client and their family member. This constant fulfillment usually carries through every situation, though simple or difficult, needs like assisting a family member to embrace the tragedy and difficulty of watching a loved one fade into the silence of forgetfulness. 

How do you bridge that gap? - as a caregiver, what do you say? and how do you say it? 

  Identifying the needs that are needed to be fulfilled might be at times very difficult, because it might be uneasy for any member of a family, to say, please help, please examine this situation, please revisit this issue, or please help me find an easier path through.

It might be difficult because, in most cases, those needs are not identifiable, so they remain faded and  camouflaged by the necessary guards that are put in pace.

Usually we examine care simply as, giving assistance to fulfill only the basic needs, needs as they are pertaining to daily living, like, baths, errands, companionship etc. 

but that complete fulfillment is much more, so much more than just assisting with daily living. It is the emotional, as well. Especially for the family member or members, so it will become very important that, that special type of care be fulfilled too, and we can't do our best until we do just more than enough. Sometimes it takes, breaking through those guards and barriers, identifying what is camouflaged.

Andria Patricia Harris 03-04-14




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