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Your goal is to give the best possible care. Care that will elevate his/her quality of life as long as possible
Pay special attention to areas such as good hygiene, give or encourage showers and or baths as often as needed. A good shower and shampoo will only improve freshness and appearance. Remember that showing off a good fresh appearance can only elevate one’s self esteem, the same is true for dental hygiene.
Always incorporate lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in every meal. It is important also to keep in mind that good nutrition is one of the key to good quality of life and improved health. Fluids and foods that are rich in moisture should also be encouraged in every meal.
Pay special attention to bathroom regularities, irregularities may cause other unnecessary medical problems.
Daily outdoor activities, such as walks and small tours of a city or town will encourage their enthusiasm and may even help their memory.
To be locked indoors for days and weeks on end is not good for the human mind. Remember that we are social animals, so socialization should always be an active part of their lives for as long as they will tolerate it. Never feel that they are not listening or that they do not know what is going on, because most of the time they do, but their problems is they cannot speak with clarity and they know that they are not making sense, but can't help is the disease. Always be mindful of what and how you speak in their presence.
Treat them with respect and dignity at all times, because remember what they once were. Love them, hug them, play music for them, if they will dance, dance with them, most importantly, learn their language and talk to them. Improved quality of life also comes through good communication.

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