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Could it be just a JOB?
When you are looking for the Care Giver, how can you tell that the underlining desire or passion of he/she is not care, but rather just a paycheck?
I think that the underlining motivation of a fine Caregiver should be the desire to learn more or as much as possible about all aspects of his or her job, and having more than just the basic knowledge of the illness of your loved ones.

Or better yet how well can you tell whether or not he or she is a silent abuser? Who is a silent abuser?
Those caregivers who are overly loving, showing excess false care, false pretences, extremely dedicated, tired but pretend not to be, does not speak the truth at all times and usually have an excuse for an accident.

Many times these caregivers become abusive because they do not understand the nature of his/her job, he or she does not understand the reasons for changes in the behavior patterns of some clients, and better yet don’t understand the type of disease that they are working with. So they may have the tendency of scolding or silently spanking your loved ones for not following instructions.
They may indulge in abuses like, pinching the ear lobe (nail mark), smacking the client with the backside of their hands. (Bruise in odd place, like upper chest) Shoving or pulling the client if her if she is reluctant to follow instructions, unexplained bruises (oh he or she must have so and so!) but then in the presence of family and friends these caregivers are the most loving and charming persons.
I say that if they are charming and loving then your loved ones should never exhibit any shutter of fear or any unexpected marks, bumps and bruises, because when you love and care for someone truly, usually you are very watchful and careful about his or her safety, and accidents rarely happen or never happen at all!

Andria P. Harris
Andria P. Harris, CEO
The Quilted Shield Dementia Living Communities

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