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It is very helpful, especially during times of confusion to keep him or her focus. That, as we well know can be very difficult, but may be achieved if the caregiver is used to paying constant unconditional attention to his or her client.
Since many clients, especially during the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, know when they are getting your undivided attention, it is important to stay in touch by answering each and every question they may ask truthfully and accurately as possible.
From time to time they do remember short term conversations, and if an answer is found to be inaccurate, they may lose trust in you, the caregiver. Achieving trust early in the relationship can be very helpful, especially during outbursts.
Staying connected, understanding their stories, listening, giving honest eye contact and sharing in their stories. Also you may have a similar story to tell, and as you tell watch for nods and smiles of agreement……he or she then understands that you understand……….and that they are not alone……..It is a journey that is confusing, but can be made peaceful.

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