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Posted by Andria Harris on Oct 08, 2012

Alone, separate, apart, isolated from others, to the exclusion from all others, unique, unequal, existing as the only one in their class, having no like or equal - (definition)
This is Dementia. The early onset of any type of this disease is lonely, this is what they feel. This is what they experience. It doesn’t matter where they are living, they remain in a class by themselves, separate and apart from the world they once lived in, they are alone!
They become separated and are taken away from what used to be very close family and friends. It seems devastating and cruel……, like killing someone!…..removing them from their own life, removing them from grandpa grandma hugs, kisses, from pets and family gatherings where they may relax without fear and anxiety at the sounds of familiar family voices.
They may never know how, it is sometimes hard for loving family members, to leave them behind, yet it happens in cases where there is dementia. Loved ones are no longer fitting in society, so they are gently removed and are placed in the care of others. This may be the best solution but he/she will then have to figure out what part of the puzzle to fit so many new faces in (strangers).
The disease and the actions that are taken to protect the family member is in part the same. While dementia shatters the mind through withdrawal and fear sending him/her into a solitary place of mind where he/she hides, alone! Physical displacement or the introduction of a new surrounding is fearful and usually becomes the final place to hide out in solitude…….alone!
It seems unkind to them, the unkind stigma, oh, he/she is asking too many questions, or he/she repeats the same thing over and over again, they may annoy the neighbors, or what he/she is trying to say doesn’t make any sense, he/she won’t fit in at dining, or he/she is a distraction and an embarrassment, and what if he/she has a melt down during dinner?!
It appears unkind to them because they can hear and feel the unsettling emotions of family members as they scramble to do the right thing. They do not understand the right thing. They just want to be at home, to be surrounded by families in their familiar surroundings.
The one thing that is certain though is that, it doesn’t matter where they are living, they feel fear and think its abandonment, they feel sadness, and are constantly alone!

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