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Today is another day in the life of Henry
He wakes up, looks around and asks, “What day is today?” “What time is it?” “
I need to get dressed for work. It is ten o’clock, and the bus will pass in twenty minutes, I must not be late.”
“You see I have never been late for work, so don’t you let me go in late for the first time!”
“Come on, where are my shoes?”
May stands by and listens patiently as Henry, her eighty seven years old grandfather scrambles and panics to get ready to catch the bus for work.
“Oh, grandpa” she says, “I will help you, I am here to help you, we will do it together, here let me get the shoes for you……..”
“And grandpa would you rather wear the brown pants with the beige suspenders or these black slacks?”
“Ok, let me see,” said Henry, “I think I’ll take the ones with the suspenders. Did you know that Mary Jane Miller likes it when I wear suspenders?”
“Yes grandpa and I like how she smiles as you leave for work looking so smart in the mornings.” “Ho, yes little May, I know she is waiting for me to join her for breakfast in the kitchen, we have to hurry now dear…….”
So on and on they go May, Henry’s loving grand daughter who is now his caregiver takes him through this lonely sometimes confusing journey of the early onset of Alzheimer’s
May understands that her grandfather’s most fund memories are some of his comforting moments during this time therefore she joins in with his conversations, thus making his memories into reality, and their days happier.

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