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From A Caregiver’s Diary / Small Things Matter

He is 92 and she is 89 years old

Merlin raised his head and wiggled one bushy grey eyebrow, then made a very slow happy smile.

“No one has ever done that before!” he exclaimed.

His friendly voice trembled as he minced very slowly to sit on the garden bench, beside the oak tree by the side of his front porch.

“I am a very happy man, Minerva dear; can you sit by me? I am too happy to sit alone. The air breaths well and the atmosphere is just so fresh. I am a very happy man!”

“Minerva, did you sleep well, how was your breakfast, did you enjoy it?”

“Yes dear everything was just fine. Thank you for making me such a very happy woman!”

“Did you notice that, dear?”

“What love?”

“Oh, the edge, look by the edge, remember we had the hibiscus plant up rutted during that strong wind that blew by last Sunday? I never thought we would ever see it bloom again.”

Merlin and Minerva do not have a gardener. They both do the very light gardening that exists by their patio edge. Merlin spent some of his mornings with the upkeep; he usually rises early with the birds to get it done before the sun rises, just so he can enjoy the freshness of the atmosphere that surrounds their tiny cottage at morning times. Merlin promises himself that very soon he would make the hibiscus one of his first chore, but he did not get around it.

“My love Minerva did you see that?” he asked again

“Yes dear, you replanted our hibiscus.”

“No, I did not, Erica did! She thought I wasn’t watching, but I saw her this morning. She came in a bit earlier, tiptoed by, and did it!”

“Oh, she is a dear! I must thank her. Echoed Minerva!

“There is nothing so precious like waking up to see those bright and cheerful colors by our edge. I am so thankful that Erica truly understands us, and that, she cares.”

“Hum, Merlin my love, I am so happy, thank you for all the happiness and joy you brought to my life over the years, thank you!” She whispered as she snuggled closer to him on their garden bench by the side of their front porch.


Andria Patricia Harris / Dementia Living LLC

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