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Astonishing, to say the least that many people, especially those who work with senior citizens who are living in the Nursing Homes, Assisted Livings and even some Hospitals, still do not know the importance of Hospice Care, and why it has become a part of the final plans of many seniors who are chronically ill.
Hospice does not kill anyone!
Hospice is actually life, it is a fabulous support system which was put in place to carry on and improve the quality of life for people who are terminally ill, and wish to live through that period without pain and excessive suffering.
Hospice improves comfort and gives psychological support to families, friends and clients/patients alike.
When someone is debilitating ill, it means that there is no way he / she will be well again. He / she, if cognitively stable, or the appropriate individual who speaks for the client/patient who is not cognitively sound, will make the decision, not Hospice. Each individual has the right to make this choice, since it is a private and personal decision.
The decision is made to give special comfort care, without continuing to treat the incurable illness. Now this is Hospice’s role, to give care and comfort during this time. To sustain great quality of life until the end of life, it is definitely not the taking of someone’s life.
It is great that we have a support system in place that facilitates the ease of pain and suffering caused by chronic illnesses.
It only provides grace and dignity as one approaches his / her end of life.

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