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I recently visited with my 85 years old client who is experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s.
She was very happy to see me, because as I understood, her caregiver doesn’t communicate much with her, she wanted to talk.
Her first response was,
“I am glad to see you, when are you coming back?” “There are others but all they do is, sit - around, I don’t want someone who is just going to sit around!”
After a short inquire I realized that the other lady does not engage her.
Mrs. K. is a very smart lady, very articulate, still has most of her short term memory and all of her long term memory intact.
There is one thing I noticed, she never repeats the same information several times over, however she may get confused with the days of the week if she is not given a schedule. Therefore she is capable of having conversations, if you take her to the task.
My Discussion is that all Caregivers must and should learn the various stages of the disease and endeavor to identify them with their clients. Social interaction is one key to quality of life. The only way a caregiver is able to provide social care, is, knowing what the special interests of the client are, identifying at least one and take him or her to task. Keeping him or her actively engaged in conversations and outings as tolerable.
Depression is a very terrible sickness and must be avoided as much as possible. It is almost so easy for our seniors to fall into depression.
It is possible that having him or her sitting in their own silence, while you entertain yourself by watching TV may or can trigger depression. Most elderly persons would rather be on the outdoors, walking or getting involved in other social events, rather than watching TV.
Take Classical Music for instance, if you can find a way to incorporate that in their activities you should, because music is a very good stimulant for the brain.

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