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Every day I wake up, I realized that everything that I do for my clients actually give them a better chance to live happier.
I make it my business to find out what is that one thing that will bring that confused client smile and relaxation.
Could it be that he or she was a dog or cat lover or even horses?
How do I incorporate this factor in their social activities, since many seniors are no longer able to keep their pets, in their new communal environments?
Could it be that I make it my business to find animals that are available to visit, and also remind family members to visit as often as possible with family pets?
I recently watched confusion and fear totally fade from the pink cheeks of Mr. JT.
The moment he saw the - German Shepherd - thumped through the hallway his heart raced slower and a huge, huge smile lit up his confused face. He was accepting and grateful to see a familiar face, his buddy Lever, his German Shepherded.
This reminded me of the importance of bringing calm to Dementia Care.

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