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Posted by Andria Harris on Mar 18, 2012

POEM....cry of an old man...

Awake my loved one awake
Come from among the dead my wife
Try and seek life
To where must I go to find a wife like you
With gentle care you bore my child
Now dead
Awake Adina, awake

You once mend and darn by the light so dim
I knew your eyes were going blind
I must weep for you
My Adina, so awake

No one had known me so
No one did care, you left alone your stitching
To care and love your dear
I used to use the axe, but now that you are dead
My joints are week, I do't know if I can make another bend

Adina my love
Adina my rich rich creamy pie
Send me your charming spirit
To love and care for my....and please do forgive me
For not caring more for you.