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These are those who are not ill, but would much rather stay at home. It becomes very difficult when choices are made by their children or other family members. I have come across some seniors who would much rather be in their own home where the familiar smell of their past life still lingers. These are times when they would welcome the grand and great grand children over for treats and still gather at the large dinner table for thanksgiving dinner.
You may contradict them and state that they are not able to manage any more. Yes they may not totally be able to do the roast turkey any more, but they may do just fine with one or two able hand or hands to assist them in their homes.
There are evidences that families who are very busy with their careers and raising young families of their own, find it really hard to stick by semi-independent senior mothers or fathers. That is understandable, but at what point do they get their wishes?
It is very easy for them to fall into depression of being moved from their familiar surrounding and be placed in a community setting- that are sometimes not quite accepting by them.
I sometimes watch them try to fit in, it is like being forced as a child to eat peas and drink vegetable soup. Many of them walk around the lobby with their hands in their pockets or with a purse hanging on the left arm, “I would rather be at home”. “Did you know that my youngest daughter just had twin boys, I sure would love to see those little beauties?”
I sometimes wonder how, if many family members remember the days when their grandparents lived in their own homes till the end. I am sure if they do, those memories are pleasant and charming. Of course, I’m thinking that as most Grannies and Grandpas do, they most likely, would love to cross train the youngsters while they staying connected with family traditions, thus passing on granny’s favorite recipes and so on.
I am wondering where have those warm and fuzzy home days gone?
Were they taken by the ravages of the economy? Or is it just that mom and dad will be better off being out of the way?
I have worked with them, I have seen them longing for their families.
I have seen them wanting to go home, but wishful thinking! I have seen them retreat into self loathing and regret of having lived so long.
I am yet to understand why it is better for some seniors to pack up and relocate into community living, when they are able to stay at home a bit longer, for now I will still say being able to remain at home while old and semi-dependent is a great privilege and should to given to all seniors.

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