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It is the next great human experience
It is an experience that only the deceased person knows
It is the next great expectation, the unknown, the only experience that is so feared and revered by living human beings.
It is inevitable
Everybody has to die
Some day we will all get the opportunity to have this wonderful experience, this experience….on a journey alone!
So, why are we so afraid, negative, and at times don’t even think of it, let alone speak of it, even though it is an everyday occurrence?
Death………….people die every day and babies are born every day!
Can you imagine what would have happened to the world if no one dies and babies are born daily? Think of it!
Our reactions to death and dying should be the opposite!
I think that we should not put an ugly mask on the face of death, we should embrace it in the same way we embrace life, because life and death come to create changes in life’s cycle, and humans were not given a choice to choose either, we must have both because they complement each other.
It is a very good idea to make fun and merry with those who are preparing for this special journey, because it is a very special experience.
Our loved ones longevity should be celebrated celebrated for the good that they have done, the remarkable sacrifices that they have made to construct bridges of wealth and milestones of life’s experiences just so we may have it easier. In order for us to have our experiences they have to move out of the way, so there should only be happiness and joy for the lives that they have lived so well.
Let us look at those resting hands, those chipped or cracked nails, swollen or bulging finger joints and visualize not pain, but strength and triumphs and what was once great.
Instead of fear and tears, pain and sorrow of our passing seniors, enjoy and appreciate and celebrate their contribution to our lives because they once lived.

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