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Having good quality of life is surely apart of healthy aging.
It is extremely important that every senior person feels that they are enjoying the benefits of good health, at this stage of their lives regular doctor’s visits becomes a routine, and is taken very seriously.

Their quality of lives usually mirror their past lives. Often a senior who is used to having a very busy social life finds it very difficult to slow down.
It is at this point that slowing down becomes depressing. He or she will then spend time to relive their past lives, wants to keep up with the activities, families and friends, and sometimes reflect on their friends who are no longer with them.
I sometimes hear of the group of friends, and the dinners, and luncheons, not to mention cruises and dinner parties. There is always a nostalgic tone in every conversation that I have heard.

How about workout and exercise two or three times per week, yes they still feel that these activities are still important, Gardening and Group Garden Tours, Theatre group outings and not to mention attending classes in some form of technology or the other, perhaps computer, or even piano.
It is true that seniors do feel that they are still an important part of society and are usually insulted if they are not treated as such.

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