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Posted by Andria Harris on Aug 01, 2018


Why did you go to silence?

Oh such silence!

I think and I wonder how to touch your soul, how to make you laugh and how to

Remove the fear from your heart

The fear that was in your eyes

I saw it in your gaze

Such lonely and silent gaze

Tell me, talk to me ……no! there is silence I know

Oh, such silence.

I wish that you could speak to me

Tell me where it hurts

Tell me what and how you hear

Tell me what you want to say

Tell me what ripped or tore your heart

Tell me of your pain

I’ve watched you walk and saw there’s hurt

I saw you limped by me

I felt your pain, I knew that all was sad and lonely

Then thought that’s why you never say

Then one day I touched and held your hand

I stopped you as you hobbled by reached up and snatched a hug

Pleasantries! You reached back and squeezed and hugged me so

I sobbed as you looked me in the eye and whispered nervously

“I’m so glad you are here! I never knew you noticed that, lonesomeness have shoved me to despair ”

‘twas such perfect timing

I reached out and touched your hand, not knowing I also touched your soul,

Now I know it wasn’t pain, but sorrow and despair!

-Andria Patricia Harris/Dementia Living LLC/08/08/18



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