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Posted by Andria Harris on Sep 16, 2012

It is unlike anything that I have ever seen
It is a total transformation of a friend, a loved one, its passing from reality into total confusion and loss of self.
You may also say it is a total shift of focus, a shift into awkwardness and fear, a miserable, scared, lonely, fatigued, and anxious worrisome look.
This is the manifestation of Dementia/Alzheimer’s. He or she is aware that the words no longer make sense that the phrases are mixed up, that vocabulary no longer comes freely.
I sat by her side and watched her ponder the reason, she sometimes ask me, ‘why am I not remembering some words’, I saw concern in her watery eyes as she shook her head and drift into silence. I remembered her said very little for the rest of that day.
For the rest of the time that I spent with her, I engaged her in relevant conversations, and sometimes fill in the words that were missing from her sentences ………she became quite receptive, and frequently nodded with smiles.
I often wondered, what does it feels like to lose the power of talk, of explanations, of communication!
In quiet reflections I decided that it leads to fear, misery, lonesomeness, fatigue and anxieties for the future.

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