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An Ode to Alzheimer's - An Expression of a Caregiver’s Experiences –Via Music.
Everyday it's an experiment - I say this because, as the disease progresses, every single day is very different. Her mood swings are the only things that are expected. Some days we will do art, other days we will visit the park, beach board walk and flower gardens and nurseries, but sometimes she just wants to be left alone to drift, to take a visit down memory lane.
She loves to hear the songs and sounds of Frank Sinatra. This seems to take her back to the ballroom, nylons, high heels, and cocktails.
"Stormy Weather" - Frank Sinatra- There she sits, she inhales, exhales, closes and opens her eyes, having her knees crossing. She is not asleep, however she is moving slowly on the dance floor, she is dancing, she is reflecting, looking back. There, she steps away, a least at this moment, from the misery of forgetfulness and the frustrations of not making any sense whenever she speaks.

I am very happy, because I am a part of this opportunity to enjoy her world with her, where only reflection matters. It is a very charming and quiet place to be, a place of love acceptance and peace.
I have come to learn that Alzheimer's is an expression
An expression of what once was
A lack of interest in in the present
Where the present is nothing but a bother and an annoyance
But to drift off to yesteryear is a profound pleasure
And within these profound pleasures she finds perfect peace and harmony

Andria P. Harris
Andria P. Harris, CEO
The Quilted Shield Dementia Living Communities

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