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From A Care Giver’s Diary


“I can hear and feel this music, Can you feel it too? la la la la la to... to to… tooooo? “It’s a song

“Ho Yes I can” announces Ellie.

It is a day to day occurrence for Ellie, hearing and listening, and waiting to hear the familiar strain of a high pitch soprano or a still and somber hum.

Mrs. Carol butler loves to sing and play the piano.

She plays so well that you can never tell that she has become forgetful.

She is living with stage two Alzheimer’s and it feel like, according to Ellie, she is perfectly well.

 One can only tell that she is living with this illness, when you ask her what she had for dinner five minutes ago.

 Her answer usually is, “No love, I haven’t eaten yet”

 ”What are we having for dinner, dear?”

“How amazing!” thought Ellie? “She remembers every single note, yet she forgets that she had just eaten dinner, ugh!”

“What are you thinking of now, Mrs. Buckler?” ask Ellie, as she notices Mrs. Butler staring at the tiny birds dancing in the wet grass of her so very green lawn. The grass was wet from the sprinkling sprays of the garden hose. “I am thinking she replies. I am thinking of, this is special, this is so special…..

“Ellie sis, you see that wagon passing over the hill, you know the wagon that passes around this time every day, I love to look at it, I love the colors, but papa would call at us to come inside, just when it passes. Can you see it Ellie? La La, La, La, La, La. I love you just the way yoou are”

Mrs. Butler sings on and on, as she sits by her garden bench and watches her birds bathe. She is happy, she is lively and she is satisfied with her life and circumstance. Ellie is sure that she knows that she can no longer recall many things, but she is happy with what she can now recall.

She can now recall, beautiful hymns, Carols, ballads, poems and dancing to the South Western Orchestra with her husband after the First World War.

Mrs. Carol Butler is very happy, she pays absolutely no attention to her circumstance, and Ellie wishes us to do the same. Hang out with Mrs. Carol in her brand new world and be happy with her as she sings and sings along.

Andria Patricia Harris/Dementia Living LLC/04-28-2014

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