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Posted by Andria Harris on Jul 30, 2012

One million birthday wishes was given to Mrs. G. yesterday. I must say that if anything holds true, a very good quality of life does last a while longer.
Good quality of life really goes a long way Mrs. G. is one that was full of fun and adventure, as was told by her children. She lost no time when she sought adventures, as she visited noted towns, villages, cities, and mountains locally and abroad where little rivers and creeks flowed. She was also noted for her resilience and strength, as she coped with many, many challenges that she had while raising and caring for her family.
Yesterday she realized how much the very smallest fun things mattered to her kids, one daughter remembered dangling her feet in the water as it ran by the creak they once visited.
As she reflected on ninety years of earned experiences, I noted her smiles. They were soft and comforting. They were a reflection of victory of having done it, for having endured, for having lasted so long and for having no regrets.
I have been her caregiver for more than one year (till present) and I must truly say, it is true that she is a very lively sole. She comes alive to the sounds of classical music, she, so many times speaks of her days at the opera, and wonders if her fancy walker would be a bother to someone if she brings it. I usually giggle when she makes reference to her fancy walker, that she names (Diana)
So her life blossomed and bloomed in her past.
So her life today at ninety continues to be a source of relevance to everyone around her.
She is such a gem.

Happy 90th Mrs. G!

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