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I say hospice is life because, in my opinion it is a gift of quality of life for those who need it during the final stages of battling a debilitating illness.
I sincerely believe that everyone deserves the same type of treatment that they received when they were born.
It is true that during pregnancy, the fetus turned person is nurtured most sophisticatedly until that person is born. The sophistication continues with huge and haughty welcome parties of this person as he/she comes into the world by relatives, families and friends.
As this beaming little life blooms and blossoms into success as a productive member of society, one wonders, or even asks these questions...
Why should such person depart the world with a fragmented, depleting pain ridden body?
Or, why should one, be allowed to die feeling only misery, agony, fear, lonesomeness and despair?
Or better yet, why shouldn’t one be free to leave in sophistication?
Dying is a journey and that journey should be as hustle free as flying freely on a warm mist free autumn day.
Hospice care goes with you on this wonderful journey.
They help you journey with compassion, peace and a very good quality of end of life.
They encourage families and friends involvement. They respect each and everyone’s spirituality, emotional, financial and psychological interests and cater as requested.
It is a good thing to carry on a good life, to take it to the end
To take it with everlasting peace happiness and joy, because the end of the journey is a cross over
And why not cross over in the same way one came in?
With absolute sophistication!

Andria P. Harris
Andria P. Harris, CEO
The Quilted Shield Dementia Living Communities

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