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Taking a bird's eye view through the eyes of someone who is living with Alzheimer's is usually very fascinating. Sometimes it is very surprising to know the thoughts that are hidden deep in his or her long term memory.

As the gray areas of the short term memory becomes foggy and deteriorates, one should not be fooled, their thought process is usually still busy at work. He or she still has the ability to understand some verbal and nonverbal behaviors, but is not able to express their reactions through speeches or conversations.

It is safe to say, that the thought process hangs on in the long term memory zone, where everything old is new and fascinating again.

Everything old is new once again. This is just the time when many families and caregivers realize that it is the perfect time to appreciate and join them in their world. 'The Alzheimer's World' This is their world, a place where they hang out.

A place where nostalgia becomes reality, and they are no longer happy or comfortable in our world, because it is now so difficult to communicate. Therefore we must, in order to effectively communicate with our family members and clients who is living with Alzheimer's, enter into their world. 'The Alzheimer's World' where nostalgia is exciting.


Andria P. Harris
Andria P. Harris, CEO
The Quilted Shield Dementia Living Communities

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