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"They are my children." "They are my babies." "They are just like people, I love them so much"

Pets are so very important in Senior Care, because many of our elders have outlived their partners, lovedones and friends, as a result have become alone. It is a strange loneliness which is associated with Nostalgia. They are only able to reflect on what was once. Having their favourite pets around, I have discovered, this is total therapy.

Animals are affectionate, loving, caring and loyal in a very protective way, and I believe that pets are softly becoming a vital aspect of SeniorCare, and must be taken secriously. I have discovered that pets have the potential to alter the psychological needs of our clients and families who are living alone, and is in need of companionship, so Pet Care should be included in the duties and the careplan of our seniors. It must be apart of our responsibility - 'Pet Care'

Andria P. Harris
Andria P. Harris, CEO
The Quilted Shield Dementia Living Communities

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