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 What is Incontinence?

INCONTINENCE is the lack of voluntary control over urination (Dictionary)….the lack of self restraint of the bladder!

Run, Run, Run!! To the bathroom…….!

No! many senior cannot get to the bathroom in a hurry!

And many cannot get help in time, so gooooooo!

The onl...

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Total and comprehensive care is always a valuable aspect of healing. 


Having the experience of this procedure can disrupt the emotional status of the patient’s state of mind, as well as the physical aspect.


In order to have the knee joint heal properly. The patient have to get on th...

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Maintaining a Balanced Diet

Crafting a well balanced meal may be challenging , especially when you are catering for your elders. Challenging because you will have to take their diet into consideration.

It is absolutely important that you abide by their physician’s order, and if you are not sur...

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PC 101 cont…..

Meals and Meal Activities!

Food Appreciation

In many instances there are concerns about the lack of physical energy expressed by members of the senior community. One of the main reasons for this, is that there may be a disinterest or lack of eating, as a result, the physical ...

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Part One


Private Home Care, Why?


Private home care is ideal for aging at home.

Aging at home is ideal for elders who wish to remain in place, this way their home care choices may be made based only on their personal and private wishes. Not everyone desires the community based care, th...

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Drink it from a glass, drink it from a cup, drink it from a bowl or even from a plate!

Drink it as juices, drink it as punches or even bundles of blended veggies.

Drink it as soups, drink it in deserts, drink it as shakes or crushed up fruits and berries

Drink it as simple, so very ...

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