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Meal planning and Preparation


What’s Cooking at Home Today?


 Steamed green vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower with garlic using unsalted butter.


Apart of the preparation and planning for each daily meal is bearing in mind that texture and taste are extremely important.



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How can i stop you as you drift?




I accompanied her to pick up a brand new commode, I was curious, so I asked her if it belong to her dad, she said yes.


Immediately I felt a feeling as she drifts. I felt a lonely, sad and curious air in her voice, because she n...

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Cinamon Honey Applecauce

Apples are healthy, they are a part of my fruit basket, apples are on my long list of must get at the produce store, also they are very refreshing especially during the hot summer months.


I have added the homemade apple sauce to my must haves, because it is a way of u...

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Life begins in the uterus where, like an island, the fetus is surrounded by waster, literally submerged in water.

As on an island, life thrives, there is breathing, communicating, eating, sleeping and having enough time to keep up with the developmental changes that goes on for all nin...

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Living with Alzheimer’s


Living with Alzheimer’s                                                              

Becomes a part of your life as you care and serve

Living with Alzheimer’s gives pain

As it takes happiness

It dis...

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Aging with Dignity

What does it means at 87



During the hustle and bustle of the admitting process, sometimes or almost every time, the one very important question is forgotten.

‘Would you rather have a male or female CNA?’

Given the fact that the role of the CNA, is to administer...

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which one do I Wear Today?

Dancing hat, caring hat, happy hat, smiling hat, funny hat, or not taking anything personal hat. Let’s see which one I will wear today?

 Uhh! The not taking anything personal hat, yes maybe, or I might just wear them all, because I am absolutely sure that I will n...

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A Care Giver’s Diary

Caregiver’s, what is your Definition of Light Housekeeping?

There has been so much said about the duties of a caregiver. Who is a caregiver? Why do you call on a caregiver? And what are their roles in your home?

In many cases your caregivers are CNAs (Certified Nurses Ass...

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From A Care Giver’s Diary / Old Age, What’s next?

She is 98. She told me that she is still a dancing ballerina, and I believed her, because she was one of the most charming and exciting senior woman I have ever worked with.

She hums the most delightful tunes as she taps her arthritic fingers. ...

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From A Care Giver’s Diary

The Care Giver is also a Best Friend

A very good friend is so much like a brother, a sister, a husband, a wife or a close family member.

It is fair to say that the relationship that develops over the course of time between a client and his or her caregiver is that of a...

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From A Care Giver’s Diary

Preventative Care

Opinionative Definition: Preventative care is identifying and taking the necessary precaution to prevent, stop or slow down an action or occurrence that poses a threat to the quality of life of your loved one or client who is placed in your care.


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From A Caregiver’s Diary / Small Things Matter

He is 92 and she is 89 years old

Merlin raised his head and wiggled one bushy grey eyebrow, then made a very slow happy smile.

“No one has ever done that before!” he exclaimed.

His friendly voice trembled as he minced very slowly to sit on the...

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From A Caregiver's Diary

Alzheimer's Care / Retraining and Refocusing their changed minds


Fear, agitation, mistrust, anger, uncertainty, feeling of abandonment, loneliness and despair are just some of the triggers that usually causes an outburst or a negative behavior in our loved-ones who are...

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A Caregiver's Diary  

The Outdoors , Therapy for Memory Loss


During the journey along the path of Dementia, Alzheimer's, I have noticed that most people who are living with the disease would much rather spend more time enjoying the outdoors, than being enclosed indoors.


As I entered the ...

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A Care Giver's Diary 12/27/13

The Long Road Ahead


The journey begins the day you notice the slight changes in your loved ones behavior. Those changes though simple, will ultimately become your guide post as you begin and end this eventful and tiring journey.

How do you make sense of, and unde...

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An Ode to Alzheimer’s – via "Reading"

I have come to learn that Alzheimer's is an expression of what was once. A lack of interest in the present. Where the present is nothing, but a bother and an annoyance
But to drift off to yesteryears is a profound pleasure
And within these pleasures she finds ...

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It is the next great human experience
It is an experience that only the deceased person knows
It is the next great expectation, the unknown, the only experience that is so feared and revered by living human beings.
It is inevitable
Everybody has to die
Some day we will all get the opportunity to have thi...

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Astonishing, to say the least that many people, especially those who work with senior citizens who are living in the Nursing Homes, Assisted Livings and even some Hospitals, still do not know the importance of Hospice Care, and why it has become a part of the final plans of many seniors who are chro...

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It is very helpful, especially during times of confusion to keep him or her focus. That, as we well know can be very difficult, but may be achieved if the caregiver is used to paying constant unconditional attention to his or her client.
Since many clients, especially during the early onset of Alzhei...

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