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Every year we join forces with the Alzheimer's Association with the Walk to End Alzheimer’s campaign. We walk, donate and encourage everyone else to join us in doing so, because we believe that a cure is on the horizon.

Charity is a key aspect of our core values. Quilted Shield Founder, Andria P. Harris, is committed to serving those battling Dementia and Alzheimer's, as her own father had Vascular Dementia in his last years. You can read more about her personal journey here.

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From Right to Left (Mitchell A. Karasov, Jo-Lynn Acrey and Andria Harris) On April 29th 2015 we met with Senators and Legislators to advocate and put forth two very important bills (Bills SB 613 & AB 1526). [A] To update the current guidelines to qualify; quality care for people, once they are diagnose with Alzheimer's.(Dementia Care Management) [B] Updating the public health data ( Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey) to include caregivers' data, to reflect how family caregivers are financially affected by the increases in health care, and home care for People who are diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.