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Cinamon Honey Applecauce

Apples are healthy, they are a part of my fruit basket, apples are on my long list of must get at the produce store, also they are very refreshing especially during the hot summer months.


I have added the homemade apple sauce to my must haves, because it is a way of using up all the apples in my pantry as well as introducing absolute applesauce to my client’s menu. Applesauce is also great at breakfast, as well as a complement for clients who have to swallow many pills at the same time.  “simply introduce apple sauce along with water, on their pill trays.”


I find that having a small bowl of warm applesauce in the morning at breakfast is excellent, because


It appears to enhance the appetite. I listen for responses, and the responses are always great music to my ears.


“Umm, where did you buy this applesauce?”


“This is great, I love it!”


These moments are my favorite and most rewarding, they make me want to keep cooking! Knowing that my clients are not refusing to eat.


 I believe that because of this small perk “my warm applesauce”, the taste buds and appetites of my clients are enhanced.


I have seen where the older some seniors get the more their appetite and taste buds diminishes, therefor it is important for me to introduce healthy food items that will encourage them to eat and drink water.


Andria P. Harris / 05/12/


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