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Aging with Dignity

What does it means at 87



During the hustle and bustle of the admitting process, sometimes or almost every time, the one very important question is forgotten.

‘Would you rather have a male or female CNA?’

Given the fact that the role of the CNA, is to administer all private care, like shower, and assisting with bathroom duties, since she or he can no longer or is not able, at the time to perform those tasks.

A great deal of consideration should be given to that request, but does that truly happen?

I don’t think so

I recently had the opportunity to observe those activities as they were performed by CNAs, at a facility. I was greatly surprised that very important question was never asked.

I thought to myself, “what if I were in that situation, what would be my most comfortable choice?”

“I would much rather a staff of my own sex to assist me.” I thought.

As I observed I saw cringes and grim smirks on their faces.

I saw frightening expressions

I saw fear

I saw anger, anger because no one asked that important question, therefore the opportunity to choose was taken away. Those who were not afraid to ask, would request a shower on the day when a nurse of their own sex was assigned to them, or simply just stayed quiet and refused to take a shower.

“How uncomfortable, that must be?” I continued to think


Afraid to be looked at or being exposed to someone who could have been a great grandchild.

How terrifying!

Dignity is the last and most valuable possession a senior has left, and I thought that it can only be prudent and considerate to ask first.

Andria Patricia Harris / Dementia Living LLC / 11-08-2012



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