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Should you hire someone who doesn’t cook?

I think not!

Because care and nutrition goes hand in hand,

What will be fed to your loved one all day, if care taker doesn’t cook?

What or how will you satisfy the taste buds of one who is used to a warm and comforting meal, at least once per day?

Will you have the door to door pizza delivery?

Or even have the fast food joint or sandwich maker drop off something deep fried, like chicken, Cole slaw, and mac and cheese, half turkey sandwich and some chips?

Please don’t forget stir fries.

Let them have beef or chicken stir fry, ordered in from the cookery at the corner store.

One who cooks understands that a complete balance diet is vital

Especially as one enter into the tenderness of age.

As age becomes more intense, it might just be as fatiguing as the sniffles

Therefore if the correct diet is not a consideration you will not be able to maintain, strong bones, vital internal organs

Blood pressure levels

Glucose levels, and the ever important regularities, and brain nutrition

Nutrition is important

It is as or more important as a doctor’s visit

So, consider having great cooking skills added to the list of your prospective caregiver’s prerequisites.

-Andria Patricia Harris/Dementia Living LLC /08/18/18



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