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Posted by Andria Dawuda on Jun 23, 2022 under

Dear Caregivers,

Have you ever wondered how you do it?

Have you ever wondered how you single handedly manage the hurdles of the everyday expectations of caregiving? It is tiring, isn't it? It is as rewarding as it is tiring, because only you can do what you do. Giving compassionate care as you zone out of your world and into theirs! Only you can touch the lives of the persons with failing health,
people with the aches and pain of aging, some terminal. You know how to make it better!

There are many things that you do, things that you have to remember, and have to contemplate, and control. An important aspect of caregiving is understanding how the extended family works, as well as, how the working relations are with each within the group. One very important question is, will their relationship affect you and your performances? Will it affect your health, your mental ability to figure things out as quickly as you must? How and where do you fit in? Are you being crowded out of your responsibilities by their behaviors?

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