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Many people who are diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease once lived very prestigious life styles.
It becomes very sad that the effects of this disease can diminish quality of life. Care of quality of life now becomes the role of family member or loved ones.
It is now, the responsibility of the family members or loved ones to figure out whether or not he or she is equipped, to do this job.
At this point good quality of life is what is expressed by the caregiver to the client and not necessarily what the client wants or used to have!
The famous questions now remain….how do I become the caregiver that he or she needs?
Or where do I find the best caregiver money can buy?
Or how can I preserve his or her quality of life?
How is my health?
Am I able to give so much of myself?
Or even, do I know where to find help?
The list of questions goes on and on, it is important since your loved ones are no longer able to maintain or choose their lifestyles.
To successfully care for a loved one who is diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s, it is important for the caregiver, to have some knowledge of the disease that he or she is working with.
The idea is, that he or she may want to do a bit of reading on the subject matter and or explore the different stages of the disease, just so you may know what to expect as the sickness progress.
Everyone will behave differently, e.g. someone who was soft and quiet during life before the illness, may suddenly become aggressive or even violent (expressing combative behavior)
There are several questions that may come to mind;
How does the caregiver (without experience) address combative behavior?
How does the caregiver express fear and shock?
Should the caregiver use force to control?
Or should the caregiver express restraint and step back?
Should the caregiver contact primary physician for possible medication and referrals for future care?
To be continued………06/07/12

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