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Meal planning and Preparation


What’s Cooking at Home Today?


 Steamed green vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower with garlic using unsalted butter.


Apart of the preparation and planning for each daily meal is bearing in mind that texture and taste are extremely important.


TEXTURE: This is important because in many cases continual chewing of raw vegetables may be very tiring for an elderly person. Also, it should be remembered that digestion begins in the mouth, so continuous chewing of raw vegetables that is not being chewed well, may impede good digestion, thus hamper the absorption of nutrients.


TASTE: Taste, like texture, is vital. Older adults who customarily loves vegetables my get turned of it, simply because the dish just does not taste right.  Therefore, steam vegetables may be a better option. Vegetables that proportionally cut and lightly seasoned and steamed and seved immediately from the skillet is much more appetizing.


LOOKS: Like younger folks, older adults do like an attractive looking plate. Vegetables should be soft but not overcooked, so that they lose their vibrant color, also using the freshest and brightest colored vegies is a always better.


SERVICE: Serving any meal at any time is one of the most important part of planning each meal. The presentation of the meal on the plate goes very well with the message that is being sent to the brain as the meal is being served. I believe that on every plate is a subliminal message. If it is an unpleasant message, then the elder might lose his or her appetite. In many cases the food is played with, chewed over and sent back to the kitchen, simply because it looks distasteful and unattractive on the plate. So, service and presentation is as important and a preparation.


TABLE DRESSING: This also is important. It is great to adorn the table with fresh, clean adornments. Table should be set with the correct cutleries. Fresh cut flowers or a bowl of assorted fruits may be added for the center piece.


CHAIRS: Placing the correct chair, with comfortable seats is also very important. Seniors who are ailed with back problems may be in pain, and will require comfortable seating.


Chairs with locked wheels, having arms for ease of getting up and away from the table after the meal is good. Every single tip of comfort is vital now, since many seniors refuse to complain of pain or discomfort.


CONDIMENTS: Condiments may also be placed on the table if the elder knows what they are there for. Elders who are experiencing Alzheimers may not remember what those little containers are there for. If the senior forgets that the condiments are salt or pepper, these items may be accidentally injected...........

Andria P. Harris/Dementia Living LLC/02/05/17


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