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My question was given on combative behavior. Learning the different attitudinal and behavioral changes that occur in your loved ones as they journey through this difficult time in their lives is very important.
Combative behaviors are unpredictable and one way to ensure that you have a safe handle on them is to read and educate yourself on what to do when and if these changes take place.
According to the Alzheimer’s Association these are types of behaviors that caregivers should be mindful of: Aggression, Agitation, Confusion, Depression, Hallucinations, Suspicion and Wondering….

Also there are tips of what not to do during an outburst:
Do not take the behavior changes personally,
Remain patient and calm
Explore pain as the possible cause of aggression
Don’t argue or make any attempt to change the behavior (convince)
Understand that the behavior as a reality or the disease …..
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Remember we are here to hold your hand you do not have to do this alone.
Andria Harris
Professional Care Giver, CNA, ST, RCFE Administrator

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