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Living with Alzheimer’s


Living with Alzheimer’s                                                              

Becomes a part of your life as you care and serve

Living with Alzheimer’s gives pain

As it takes happiness

It disrupts peace, harmony, quality of life and leaves

Fear and agony

What do you see when you see Alzheimer’s?

You see confusion and dismay.

As you live with Alzheimer’s you see that the lives lived, are lived alone in silence, and that only those individuals who choose to journey with them truly understand this silence, and the distance of this journey!

You know that it is chaotic, because you are constantly making an attempt to unscramble the thought process, as they continue to live in your world.

They constantly seek to remain in their world, but sometimes that opportunity is limited, 

As their lifestyle in their world becomes limited, their lifestyle in our world becomes more chaotic and inconsistent.

They will then beg and pray for our understanding

So you them move in, and stay there, with them in their world.

Living with Alzheimer’s then become a part of your life, and your world


Andria Patricia Harris / Dementia Living LLC / 12/22/14

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