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which one do I Wear Today?

Dancing hat, caring hat, happy hat, smiling hat, funny hat, or not taking anything personal hat. Let’s see which one I will wear today?

 Uhh! The not taking anything personal hat, yes maybe, or I might just wear them all, because I am absolutely sure that I will need each and every one of them today. The pleasant hat, the compassionate hat, the loving hat, meal planning, preparation and presentation hat, the bathroom care hat, the understanding family dynamic hat, the caring for the family’s emotional needs hat, understanding who to call and what to do in an emergency hat, better yet the keeping calm hat, as I am composed and clear headed under pressure hat.

I scratch my head and think of which is more important, important? Says who, ha! They are equally important, because I cannot be a functional caregiver if I do not fit all hats. So, I think, that it’s pointless for me to even try to rational one importance over the other. Every new day, I usually start the day by, wearing a brand new uniform, however I never get to change my hats. The encouraging thing is the more I wear them the better they look, and I never have to have them cleaned.

There is only one very important activity that I always remember to do, and that is, to have them brushed up, and I do this by reading and following up with the latest trend and changes in senior care and how these changes will affect the quality of life of my clients. By doing so I usually assist the family members by keeping them informed as well.

I am happy, and pretty when I wear these hats, in fact, I was even awarded for wearing them so effectively, and for that I am very proud, and wish that all caregivers around the world will find the same joy and happiness whenever they have to wear these hats.

Picking just one, or a few, is not an option, because if you wear one, it becomes essential that you wear them all.

Dancing hat, caring hat, happy hat, smiling hat, funny hat, or not taking anything personal hat. Ahh! I have figured out how to wear them all effectively, and having them fit perfectly and smartly on just a single head. MINE!



It is essential to find love, happiness, joy and peace is giving care, because the one thing that your family member or client will identify first is your emotions.



Understanding them alll!

When caring for an individual who is living with forms of Dementia like Alzheimer’s, it is usually very necessary to understand your client’s emotions, and in doing so you will adjust your thoughts and feelings to accommodate their ever changing behaviors.

Take a few minutes to reference their past to see what and who they were before they become ill. By doing so you will open up the pathway of understanding in some of their likes and dislikes. As you do so, you will realize that you too, can take them back to a time when they were the best that they could be, by showing them similar or like situations, similar or like programs and activities, while getting them to engage as tolerable.

Understanding and managing the thought process can help in adding happiness and joy to your family’s or client’s quality of life.

A female client once said to me.

“Thank you so much for keeping me together, I know that I am not all together, thank you so much”

Sentiment like this one, makes me grow stronger, and tells me that I was chosen by my profession, and wearing these hats is not an option.


Who AM I

One of the group of professionally trained and skilled care giver, who was chosen by her profession. I esteem my team and am happy to be a member with every caregiver who joined us. We are The Independent Caregiver Network, we understand what it is like to be in the trenches with our clients and their families, and we love what we do.

Founder of The Quilted Shield, Dementia Living Community, and 2013 Home Care Service Award winner, by CAHSAH, given for providing outstanding care to patients in their homes.

Every single member of our team has a very high standard, and have and is still living it.


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