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Having good nutrition and a balanced diet is good quality of life. 

However, as older adults get older, many may lose the ability to respond to the stimuli for chewing and swallowing. 

Chewing and swallowing is the initial breaking down of solid food. 

This is the first stage of digestion.  

When he or she begins to lose the ability to participate in this activity, their primary physician may prescribe a Pureed or Mechanically Chopped diet. 

This diet is necessary because not only does it make solid food more digestible, it may also allow the necessary nutrient in the food be absorbed easier by the body. 

Just about all types of food may be chopped or pureed.

Types of food that may be chopped or pureed;

 Hard Boiled eggs, any steamed Vegetables, any cooked carbohydrate, any fully cooked meats, cooked fish and cooked poultry. 

Many fresh fruits and vegetables may also be combined to make a delicious cold smoothie.

Fresh vegetables may be pureed for soups.

Because of this technique older adults may be able to get the necessary nutrient, regardless of their inability to chew or problems swallowing.

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