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Where does the mind go? I often wonder.

It stares for a long while and saunter

It gazes at so many things, so many passing things.

Could they be memories?

How can I tell?

They pass by so quickly, just like the swift of a moving train

Where does the mind go? I can’t tell you now.

Sometimes I notice a vacant smile, followed by the twinkle of an open eye.

What’s going on in there? I wonder

Sometimes with a wondering eye I do see a hint of passion through those peering eyes.

Those peering eyes makes me think of music and dancing, ball room and picnics.

I wonder if that’s what’s going on in there.

I think of the sounds of music too.

I see notes flying two by two, and think of the swift moves of high heel shoes and nylons….

I beg you tell me, what’s going on in there?

Perhaps if I give you music you will be cheered, and tell me when and how it went

What’s going on in there? I wonder.

Just like I thought, it was dancing high heels and nylons, ballrooms and picnics

So here I go I will wonder no more, because off she goes on a gliding path, dancing to the rhythms of the sound of music!

-Andria Patricia Harris/Dementia Living LLC /08/19/19


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