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People who are living with Alzheimer’s are vulnerable because, over time they have experienced various cognitive changes, so consistency is paramount in everything they do.

When assigning caregivers to Alzheimer’s clients, the aim is to focus on building a relationship of trust and bond betwe...

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What is Sun-Downing?

Sundowning is a symptom of many neurological dieses, including Alzheimer’s.

It manifests itself through confusion, restlessness, increase fear and hallucination.

As the caregiver, what should you do when this occur?

Firstly, make patient/client’s safety your priority.


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One of the most important aspect of exhorting a great quality of life is to make sure that your client or patient have healthy gums, teeth, and tongue. Prevention is consistent oral care!

Some oral problems are bad breath, plaque buildup, or gum diseases.

A clean and happy mouth will sustain th...

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If you PANIC first, then you are in the WRONG field! (Active Caregiver)

Safety at home is one of the most important concern in every aspect of senior care.

Today many in the senior community, desire to remain at home as they get older.

They do so because, being in the comfort of their own hom...

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Urinary Tract Infection

One of the most common problem faced by members of the senior community is Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

It must be the intention of caregivers of all stripe to be on the lookout for the tell tale signs of this infection. “The vast majority of urinary tract infections...

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 What is Incontinence?

INCONTINENCE is the lack of voluntary control over urination (Dictionary)….the lack of self restraint of the bladder!

Run, Run, Run!! To the bathroom…….!

No! many senior cannot get to the bathroom in a hurry!

And many cannot get help in time, so gooooooo!

The onl...

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What To Do??


Knee functions to….

Sit up, Bend it, Sit down, Kick it and Walk it…

You Run it, Bow it, and Kneel it, or even swing your legs back and forth

The knee joint is the largest joint in the body. It is quite durable, and will sustain you, as long as you take care of it. It is know...

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Part One


Private Home Care, Why?


Private home care is ideal for aging at home.

Aging at home is ideal for elders who wish to remain in place, this way their home care choices may be made based only on their personal and private wishes. Not everyone desires the community based care, th...

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Should you hire someone who doesn’t cook?

I think not!

Because care and nutrition goes hand in hand,

What will be fed to your loved one all day, if care taker doesn’t cook?

What or how will you satisfy the taste buds of one who is used to a warm and comforting meal, at least once per day...

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