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Solitude is a pain, especially if not prescribed by self

People are inclining togetherness


Becoming a member of

Or being a part of a greater community  

That is how you quell the burning pain of lonesomeness.

Social interaction is an automatic aphrodisiac for soul

It pushes, a pull,...

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People who are living with Alzheimer’s are vulnerable because, over time they have experienced various cognitive changes, so consistency is paramount in everything they do.

When assigning caregivers to Alzheimer’s clients, the aim is to focus on building a relationship of trust and bond betwe...

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Having good nutrition and a balanced diet is good quality of life. 

However, as older adults get older, many may lose the ability to respond to the stimuli for chewing and swallowing. 

Chewing and swallowing is the initial breaking down of solid food. 

This is the first stage of digestion. ...

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“Tell Tail Signs Your Loved-Ones are Experiencing the First Stages of Alzheimer’s”

It is important that children, family members and friends of individuals who are experiencing the first stages of Alzheimer’s disease, understand and know the physical changes that will occur, as the diseas...

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Hands and feet are also known as the Upper and lower extremities.

These parts of the body are as important as the brain, in my opinion!

As age manifest itself on the human body, immediate care becomes a priority.

Suggested Care

Some important function of the feet is mobility, having the abil...

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If you PANIC first, then you are in the WRONG field! (Active Caregiver)

Safety at home is one of the most important concern in every aspect of senior care.

Today many in the senior community, desire to remain at home as they get older.

They do so because, being in the comfort of their own hom...

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Urinary Tract Infection

One of the most common problem faced by members of the senior community is Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

It must be the intention of caregivers of all stripe to be on the lookout for the tell tale signs of this infection. “The vast majority of urinary tract infections...

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 What is Incontinence?

INCONTINENCE is the lack of voluntary control over urination (Dictionary)….the lack of self restraint of the bladder!

Run, Run, Run!! To the bathroom…….!

No! many senior cannot get to the bathroom in a hurry!

And many cannot get help in time, so gooooooo!

The onl...

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Total and comprehensive care is always a valuable aspect of healing. 


Having the experience of this procedure can disrupt the emotional status of the patient’s state of mind, as well as the physical aspect.


In order to have the knee joint heal properly. The patient have to get on th...

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