Home Care Service Award
California Association for Health Services at Home
For Providing Outstanding Care to Patients in Their Homes

Care & Compliance Courses Completed

There is no greater compliment than to hear directly from families and clients who were satisfied with the services of The Quilted Shield. For your reference, we have provided some excerpts of feedback received over the years. For additional references, please contact us.

I am writing to you to recommend Andria Harris for the position of caregiver to your loved one. We have had the honor and fortune to have worked with Andria for over two years as she started as my mother’s caregiver in January 2013. Andria came to us having just received the 2013 CAHSAH Home Care Service Award. However, our mother had middle stage dementia, was in Adult Day Care and needed help in walking, dressing, bathing and with activities. In short, Andria had to prove herself to us as she was our first full time caregiver and we were learning to give up our full control. In no time, Andria had developed a deep bond with my mom, was transporting her from Day Care in her car, made sure she was showered, dressed, cared for and always engaged in life.

Over time, we got to know Andria better and realized that her need to know the essence of caring for someone with dementia and to relate to that person was primary in her caregiving goals. To me, this is Andria’s most important asset. Someone with dementia needs special care and empathy. They need endless patience, total engagement and yet sometimes, they need to be left alone. Andria has a sixth sense and the training needed to know when each different need was taking place. She is always educating herself to know more about caring for someone with dementia. Andria told us that my mother knew and felt more than most people would give her credit for knowing and feeling and that gave us hope and insight we may not have originally had. She was sensitive to my mother’s every mood and need and with their bond, my mother remains very happy and healthy in her care.

You could not employ a more dedicated and professional caregiver, while at the same time, a caregiver with a sense of fun, humor and productive action and creativity. My family and I highly recommend Andria for any caregiving opportunity.

- Paula Keating

I am writing to strongly recommend Ms. Andria Patricia Harris for any position involving personal or health caregiving services, or the management of such services, to elderly persons or persons with disabilities. Ms. Harris provided such caregiving services to my mother, Mildred Gold, from late April 2011 through January 2013. She performed her services in an extraordinarily professional, competent and compassionate manner.
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- Rosalind Gold

I want to thank you for your care and attention to my mother.  Watching you those last days taught me a lot about what it takes to do your job and how to do it well!  Your perfectionism is worth so much and she benefited so much from your care. Ever in your debt and with true thanks.

- Bobbie

"Miss Sunshine" Andria has made my stay here at Berkeley East so very nice and comforting. She brings in her "Sunshine" everytime she comes into my room. 

I am here recuperating from two skin graphs in my leg. I am very much aware of what is happening here, although I would rather be at home, she has made my stay here so very pleasant.

- Barbara Schmidt

Thank you, you do what you do very well! You gave me STRENGTH. You gave my MOTHER a SENSE of WORTH in all times.

- Linda Rosenstock

I'm a nurse that has worked with Andria Harris for the past five years. How can I describe her? I think not enough words from the Webster Dictionary can describe Miss Harris. I will use some of the best ones to describe her: Miss Harris is one of the most compassionate, loving,and patient nurse I have ever worked with. She is a good team player and she is a good leader too. She can lead the team and have a successful result, and she can also be a good follower that knows how to follow the leader. She maintains her composure even in the most complicated and stressful situations. She also can accept opinions and constructive criticism that she can use to make her work more fruitful. Miss Harris is very humble and is always willing to learn from her co-workers and also willing to share her knowledge with everyone. For me, Miss Harris will always be an asset to any work place. I recommend her highly.

- Robyn Streegar, RN

Andria is my singing nurse-when I hear her sweet voice coming into my room it is the most cheerful time of my day. She is always smiling; her sweet smile, and how could one not feel her happiness as she does her work at any hour of the day or night; you would never be finding her having a grumpy day or night no matter how busy her shift is. How nice it is to look forward to her being able to help me on her days and evening shifts. She is a real jewel and makes my months here after my back surgery, and then finding out that I can't now walk, so much easier to accept. Andria you are very special and I really appreciate you helping me.

- Cecelia Garfinkel